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ANZAC Day | Survive to Thrive Nation

ANZAC Day at the Osbourne Hotel is a day to commemorate and celebrate, and this year was no exception. We had an incredible crowd turn out as we joined together to commemorate our fallen and honour our service personnel. The celebrations involved the traditional Anzac game of Two-Up in the Backyard being played well into the arvo, as well as plenty of good food and cold craft beers shared between mates… and all for a great cause!



This year we teamed up with our mates at Young Henrys to support our chosen cause for the day; Survive to Thrive Nation which is the world’s first online, evidence based, mental health personal development program that comes with 24hr access to peer support and additional mentoring. Since its inception, the program has been able to assist more than 1200 current and former service personnel who made it home, but never really made it home.


Thanks to our major sponsor Young Henrys and the generosity from the public on the day, we were able to raise an incredible $2240.85 in support of the Survive to Thrive Organisation - this roughly equates to saving two lives through the sponsorship program.

This is a huge achievement as every cent raised goes directly towards sponsoring current and former service personnel onto the program and through their sponsorship initiative for every $1,000 raised, Survive to Thrive is able to enrol a veteran onto the program with 24-hour access to national peer support.

At the Osbourne Hotel we are committed to supporting our community in every way we can, so we hope to see you all back again next year in support of our ANZAC Day fundraising initiative and keep your eyes peeled on our social media for the next fundraising event coming soon.

Click here to view all the photos from this great event.