Brunch Voyage: Positano Style!

We were lucky enough to sit down with Brisbane Stylist Kerrie Carucci and Georgie Murray from Style Magazine to chat all things Italian-inspired fashion before our Brunch Voyage event takes us on a journey to Positano on Sunday 27 October.

Georgie: Have you been to Positano before?

Kerrie: Not personally, but I am Italian so Aperol Spritz and all things Italian come second nature to me.

So, what are we to expect at the brunch?

It’ll be an incredible morning, I’m really looking forward to it. Think bottomless Aperol Spritz and really delving into how you can bring a bit of Positano to your everyday style but most importantly to you weekend style, we’re moving into spring/summer and here in Brisbane it’s starting to heat up so bringing a little bit of Italy into your personal style every weekend is the perfect way to be able to escape the grind of Monday – Friday and indulge in the weekend activities.


Italy is obviously at the forefront of fashion globally, what would be your favourite Italian looks or advice when it comes to adding a bit of Positano into an outfit?

Milan fashion week is something that always sets the tone for worldwide fashion, Positano, in particular, is all about beautiful linen and cotton combinations, beautiful bold prints and finishing off an outfit with statement jewellery.

Linen, that’s perfect for the warmer Brisbane weather.

Absolutely, it’s so important for any sort of social occasion to be really comfortable in what you’re wearing but ultimately feel incredible as well and linen is so versatile not only adding bold colours but also beautiful tiered elements, a bit of a statement sleeve and just overall a gorgeous silhouette.

Beautiful! Love that, now looking at your career in fashion how did you get started in the industry?

Before I became involved in styling I had a career in corporate engineering, which I definitely loved but for me, style was just something I grew up with, I was the little girl with the scrunchies and the Barbie doll clothes, haha. Also coming from a small country town in far north Queensland there were only a small number of shops available to me and I don’t know if you’re the same as me but I think there’s nothing worse than going somewhere and seeing 7 girls wearing the same dress, so I had to get creative!

Oh no, a fashion faux pas!

Yeah not ideal, so being able to curate my own outfits and individual style was something I was able to do quite early on, it’s all kind of come a bit naturally to me.

Wow, engineering to fashion! You must’ve been the best dressed in the boardroom.

Absolutely, that to me is the pinnacle point of what really drew me into the world of styling, because ultimately it’s that human behavior element of feeling incredible but also feeling really confident to make that first impression when you are walking in that boardroom, which I believe is so important.

Well, we’re about to do a brunch around the world, when it comes to travelling what are your best styling tips to take you from the plane to your destination?

I think it’s really about comfortability, you need to be comfortable throughout transit but it’s also about looking at how your particular wardrobe options all work together, it’s about taking 10-12 key pieces that you can use to create up to 30-40 different outfits, because ultimately we’re all about the Instagram photos when on holiday haha, so you want that variety!

Heading into the Australian summer and with Positano in mind, what are your recommendations on how to style an outfit?

I think it’s again, all about comfortability but also being able to incorporate elements of beautiful bold colours, natural fibres. Pieces such as tiered skirts, wrap dresses are incredible as well and very flattering! You can also inject a bit of personality with accessories such as rattan accessories like belts and bags are a really easy way to incorporate Italian style.

What would be one travel destination that influences your own personal style?

That’s a tough question, hmm I would have to say I draw a lot of my inspiration from Paris fashion week and all the beautiful street style there as well. There are so many different trends and colour tones coming from Parisian street style.

Yeah, I think recently it’s almost the off the runway trends that can be just an influential as the on the runway trends at Paris Fashion Week, would you agree?

Runways and collections are obviously so important for designers but it’s being able to see how the incredible pieces can be worn and paired back in peoples everyday style that I love. Like the classic dress and sneakers combo, that was very much a street style thing that everyone else is now adopting. A lot of other trends we are seeing a lot of now were borrowed from street style, it’s so interesting to see pieces from the runway incorporated in a more wearable way.

A couple of quick-fire questions to finish us off;

Lipstick or Lip Gloss?


Necklace or earrings?


Earrings or bracelet?


Patterns or colour?


Flats or heels?

Heels, everytime.

Sunday relaxed or Saturday cocktail?

I think Sunday relaxed for this climate.

And finally, I was going to ask you colour or monochrome, but I think it’s clear you’re a big fan of colour

Depends on the occasion, but I definitely love a bit of colour.

Is there anything else you wanted to add before our Positano Brunch?

I’m really excited to bringing and showcasing some incredible brands and pieces and also just empowering all the attendees of the event to really explore and add a bit of Positano into their everyday style, I look forward to seeing everyone at the event!


Brunch Voyage: Positano Style!

Sunday 27th October

11am – 1:30pm

Book your tickets here.