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Supporting your local, supports our locals.

While we love posting pics of our parmis and pints, we thought: Why not take some photos of our people for a change? (genius right).⁠

⁠COVID closures really showed us the importance of community. We didn’t know how good we had it, until it was taken away from us. Family, friends and connections have always been at the core of our hotel. So much so it’s literally in our logo (can you see it?). ⁠

We aren’t just good food and drink; what makes us who we are is our people. Over the coming weeks we would love to introduce you to a few of our legendary team. Some are behind the scenes, some you’ll recognise from your afterwork knock offs. BASICALLY… we want you to know the people behind our brand, because supporting your local (us), supports our locals (these beautiful faces above).