Covid Safe

Our focus and commitment are on the health and safety of our guests and providing a safe environment to ensure the best protection of our guests, staff, and suppliers from COVID-19 transmission. We actively monitor and evolve our health and safety solutions and associated cleaning protocols. A summary of the Osbourne Hotel’s CovidSAFE cleaning and biosecurity protocols are set out here.

The Hotel operates in compliance with the Hotel’s Industry CovidSAFE Plan.
As required by the Qld Government, the following terms and conditions apply to your dining and/or event booking:
o On arrival all guests are required to provide their name, address, phone number and entry time, which is held for 56 days for the purpose of contact tracing. This information is provided by way of either QR code or paper log on entry.
o Guests who are unwell, have Covid19 symptoms or have been in a declared hotspot in the last 14 days are not permitted to entry.
o Guests are also required to provide their exit time from the Hotel.
o In the event symptoms of being unwell are observed by guests or the Osbourne Hotel staff members, entry will not be permitted, OR entry will be revoked, and the guest will be asked to leave the Hotel.
o Hand sanitiser stations are available so guests can sanitise hands on arrival.
o Social distancing (1.5 metres) is required between groups, and mingling must be within your own group.
o Preferred use of outdoor dining areas.
o 4m2 space for each person throughout all indoor spaces in the Hotel
o 2m2 space for each person throughout all outdoor spaces
o Hygiene etiquette must be observed.
o Dancing is not permitted.
o The Hotel has a maximum capacity in all areas, so any increase in guest numbers, not advised to the Hotel, may result in additional guests not being permitted entry to the booked space.
Osbourne Hotel management has the right to refuse entry or require a guest to leave the premises if these terms and conditions are not being complied with by the guest.
Together, by observing these terms and conditions, we can provide a safe place for you, your guests, and our staff. We appreciate your co-operation.

Covid Cancellation
Should the dining or event booking be cancelled or effected as a direct result of the Federal Government of Australia or Queensland Government directives, regulations or announcements requiring closure, quarantining or reduced capacity limits, at the Osbourne Hotel, all monies paid by the client will be refunded.
This condition includes any announcements which irretrievably changes the nature of the event to the extent it cannot take place in the same format as anticipated by the Osbourne Hotel.

Covid Clean
o All areas of the Hotel are sanitised after each event or after use of a table or space by guests. All utensils, crockery and glassware are cleaned in accordance with the CovidSAFE Industry Plan.
o CovidSAFE training for each staff member with a training refresher session is carried out each month.
o Instruction to all staff to practice good hygiene by frequently cleaning their hands. Hand washing should take at least 20 to 30 seconds. Wash the whole of each hand, covering all areas with soap before washing with water. If hand washing is not practical, provide an appropriate had sanitiser. (Alcohol-based hand sanitiser containing at least 60% ethanol, or 70% iso-propanol is recommended.
o Reduction of the sharing of equipment and tools.
o Regular cleaning of frequently touched areas and surfaces at least hourly with detergent or disinfectant (including shared equipment and tools, computers and associated equipment, cash registers, electronic sign in devices, EFTPOS, tables, counter tops).
o Daily reporting of staff attendance, guest contact details and attendance, cleaning checks, and visitor register. Staff who are unwell are required to stay home until well.
o Regular monitoring of Australian Govt Health websites to ensure the latest advice is taken into consideration.
o Signs at entry points instruct guests not to enter the venue if they are unwell or have COVID 19 symptoms, which includes advice that the Hotel will refuse entry to any guests with these symptoms.
o Limit of walk in guests with the use of online and phone bookings systems.
o Social distancing reminders by placing signs to identify 1.5 metres distance between persons for queues and waiting areas.
o Removal of promotional material holders and self-service items.
o Contactless payment and online payment for guest services where possible.
o Strict cleaning processes for amenities with a cleaning schedule in the area as a check and measure to ensure protocols are followed.
o A maximum of 2 people in the bathroom facilities at one time.
o Social distancing of 1.5 metres is required when waiting for or using the toilet facilities.
o The Osbourne Hotel encourages all patrons to download the COVID Safe App.
o Single use disposable food menus.
o Single use disposable beverage menus.
o Cutlery provided upon service of meal with single use napkins.
o Electronic payment only.
o Touchless sanitiser dispensers throughout the venue.
o Daily professional deep cleaning of the entire venue.
o Cleaning of the restaurant high touch points after each sitting session.
o Commercial dish and glass washers sanitize cycle at 82-degree cycles.
o COVID Safe House Policy and other relevant H&S information displayed throughout the venue.