Big Head Trivia | Simpsons Special

Win BIG at Big Head Trivia every Monday

2 December



The Backyard

Join Slideshow Daz for a very special themed BIG HEAD TRIVIA night on Monday, 2 December …4 rounds of trivia based on everyone’s favourite four-fingered family – THE SIMPSONS!

Featuring titbits from every season you’d better start cramming now on the evolution of the Emmy award winning show, it’s characters, their catch phrases and everything in-between.

Whether you’re the ultimate fan or only have a passing interest in the Simpson’s you won’t want to miss out! Cash money, drink cards, venue voucher’s and the super special Simpson’s BIG Head Trivia trophy are up for grabs!

Don’t have a cow man, come enter the imaginary city of Springfield at the Osbourne Hotel, indulge in a Krusty Burger and join us for our first ever Simpsons Trivia!

Bookings are essential! Call 3252 9833 or email [email protected] to reserve your team a table.